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Mud Pumps Supplier in India

“Vijay Pumps” is a very well-known non-metallic pumps brand of India. These types of pumps include mud pumps that operate by reciprocating motion & thereby circulatethe drilling fluid that is composed of emulsified water or oil, clay and chemicals etc.These pumps are very qualitatively made from the high grade basic materials under the supervision of experts in compliance with the international standards of quality. They are based on the most modern technology and are thoroughly quality tested and hence they offer outstanding performance in a very consistent and durable manner.

These Mud pumps can pumps are excellently resistant to corrosion, reactive, harsh and abrasive chemicals. They can function in their best in very tough industrial environment in a very cost-effective manner.

These sturdy & durable pumps are totally noise free and offer very low vibrations. They are very user-friendly, need minimal place to install due to their compactness and need minimal maintenance. We also offer Self Priming Mud Pump, Non-Clog Mud Pump and Mono-block Mud Pump in this range of pumps.These pumps are very reasonably rated.

Technical Specifications

  • 0.5 HP to 20HP
  • 500 – 60,000 LPH
  • Base shaft is EN8
  • Equipped with open and closed impellers
  • Compatible with standard motors
  • Offers Self priming operation  up to 5 meter
  • Rotatable universal flange is offered

Salient Features

  • No requirement for Foot valve
  • Automatically discharges air while priming
  • No need for dismantling while maintenance
  • Impeller can be inspected easily
  • Zero leakage
  • Can bear high voltage fluctuations
  • Anti-rotation impeller unlocking system
  • Exceptionalhydraulic design