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Poly Ethylene Pump Manufacturer in India

We are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Polyethylene Pump that is very popular in the market under the brand name “Vijay Pumps”. We fabricate these pumps from the best quality material with the aid of the most contemporary technology. They are made as per the designs made by our expert engineers. These pumps comply with Industrial norms in their design, manufacturing as well as their quality testing. Hence they offer excellent functionally in a very smooth and dependable manner.

These pumps offer exceptional output while consume power very reasonably. Since they are made with Polyethylene material which is resistant to corrosion and reactive chemicals hence can be applied in harsh and corrosive applications. These pumps have excellent features like they are 100% leakage free, offer minimal vibrations during operations and produce no noise, excellent durability etc. We offer these pumps at very affordable prices.

Salient Features

  • These is no mechanical seal, stuffing box and internal bearings
  • No maintenance needed as the pump can even run dry for long durations so there is no packing of bushes or internal Bearings.
  • Reduction of downtime production
  • the wet-end parts are in solidly molded to prevent corrosion
  • The impeller is semi-open type hence can handle clear, corrosive&polluted fluids


  • Speed: available in speeds of 1450 and 2900 RPM
  • Flow range: up to 100 m3/hr
  • Discharge head: up to 50 meters