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Vijay Pumps is one of the top brands of India non metallic pumps in India.

Non Metallic Pump Manufacturers

Vijay Pumps is one of the top brands of India non metallic pumps in India.

A non-metallic pump is a type of pump that is made from materials that are not metallic, such as plastic, fiberglass, or composites. These pumps are used in applications where the pumped fluid is corrosive or abrasive, and where metallic pumps would not be suitable.

Non-metallic pumps offer several advantages over metallic pumps. First, they are resistant to corrosion, which makes them ideal for pumping corrosive fluids. Second, they are lightweight and easy to install, which reduces installation costs. Third, they are more cost-effective than metallic pumps in many applications.

These pumps are designed and fabricated employing the latest technology in the industry. We also carry out intensive research work so as to add excellent features to these products. Hence our pumps, branded as VIJAY, are very popular not only in India but countries all around the world.

Non-metallic diaphragm pump
non metalic pump manufacture

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Supplier & Exporters of Nonmetalic Pumps

Bhagwati Engineering Works is World best manufacturing ,Supplier & Exporters of Nonmetalic pump .There are several types of non-metallic pumps available, including centrifugal pumps, diaphragm pumps, and peristaltic pumps. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the choice of pump will depend on the specific application. Non-metallic pumps are used in a wide range of industries, including chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, water treatment, and food and beverage. They are ideal for pumping acids, alkalis, solvents, and other corrosive or abrasive fluids.

We created and incorporated a breakthrough acid fluid handling technology due to which several chemical factories and similar industries, find our pumps very useful for their wide applications. Our broad array of non-metallic pumps includes Chemical, Polypropylene Pump, P.P. Pump, UHMWPE pump, Mud Pumps, Polypropylene Pumps, Polypropylene Mono block Pump, PP Horizontal Centrifugal Pump and Horizontal Process Pump etc. we are looking for business partners in Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, UAE, Indonesia (Jakarta), Singapore, Malaysia, Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa and Saudi Arabia.

Types Of Non Metalic Pumps

Manufaturer,Supplier of Nonmetalic Pump, Chemical process pump ,Poly Ethylene pump, UHMWPE Pump ,Mud Pump,Polypropylene Pumps Ahmedabad,India.

Non Metallic Centrifugal Pump

Non Metallic Pumps

3/4 non-metallic diaphragm pump

Our Vijay brand name of Non Metallic Pump is widely popular across India for various applications in the industries such as Effluent Treating Plants, Dyes & Intermediates factories, Pharmaceutical industries, Petrochemical industries etc.

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Chemical Process Pump

chemical process pump manufacturer

We are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of chemical process pump that are used in transferring extremely hazardous as well as corrosive acids, alkali & chemicals in the industries for carrying out the workprocess.

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Poly Ethylene Pump

Poly Ethylene Pump in india

We are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Polyethylene Pump that is very popular in the market under the brand name Vijay Pumps. We fabricate these pumps from the best quality material with the aid of the most contemporary technology.

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UHMWPE Pump india

They are well-knownwith the brand name Vijay pumps for their exceptional performance &high energy efficiency.They are very suitable for industrial applications especially for transferring and pumping highly toxic & corrosive liquids.

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Mud Pumps

mud pumps in india

Vijay Pumps is a very well-known non-metallic pumps brand of India. These types of pumps include mud pumps that operate by reciprocating motion & thereby circulatethe drilling fluid that is composed of emulsified water or oil, clay and chemicals etc.

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Polypropylene Pumps

Polypropylene Pumps suppliers

Vijay Polypropylene Pumpsis highly demanded in the international market especially from the nations like South Africa, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E and Malaysia etc. They are very apt for pumping and transferring polluted fluids.

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Polypropylene Monoblock Pump

Polypropylene Monoblock Pump exporters

We are the leading polypropylene Mono block pump supplier of India. This is because we manufacture them very qualitatively utilizing high grade PP material in adherence to the International standards of quality.

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PP Horizontal Centrifugal Pump

PP Horizontal Centrifugal Pump manufacturer in india

We are the leading PP Horizontal Centrifugalpumps Manufacturers and Exporters of India. These pumps are made from the best quality Polypropylene material with the aid of the latest technology of the industry.

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Horizontal Chemical Process Pump

Horizontal Chemical Process Pump suppliers in india

We are the leading manufacturers of HorizontalChemical Process Pumpsin India. We manufacture them from high quality materials &the most technology in the market.

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